How to look after your natural hair

Whether you have been natural for years or have just done a big chop, knowing how to look after your hair can be a mystery. There are thousands of videos, blogs and even more products so it is definitely overwhelming. In this blog I will give you the basic essentials that everyone should be doing to make sure that your hair is flourishing.

1. Moisture

Just like the rest of our body, the hair needs water. Most of this will come from your daily intake so aim to have at least a litre a day. However you also need to keep your hair moist.

Use a spray bottle with water, a lightly mist your hair whenever it starts to feel dry or at least a few times a week. Then use a leave in or light oil to seal that moisture in.

Remember – oil and water don’t mix so never put water and oil in your spray bottle, only apply your oils AFTER you have dampened your hair.

2. Keep it clean

Dirty hair doesn’t grow faster and can lead to a whole host of problems, neither will shampooing regularly break or damage your hair.

Wash days can seem like a chore but a clean scalp will provide the best conditions for growth.

Use a sulphate free shampoo and paraben free conditioner at least every fortnight.

Washing in sections will help to cut down on time and deep conditioning while you do other tasks can claw back some of your precious time.

3. Styling

The ends of your hair are the oldest and most fragile so pick a style that will keep them protected. Avoid using lots of extensions or tight styles. If you see tension bumps or have headaches that is a warning to take it out immediately!

No style is worth losing your hair for!

Twists and braids are great as a 2 in 1 style. Wear them until they start to get messy then take them down for a perfectly defined twist or braid out until your next wash day.

4. Sleeping

Our hair goes through a lot and a major cause of damage is friction. Also cotton sheets can lead to dryness as they will suck all of the moisture from your hair.

Invest in a satin pillowcase or at least a satin scarf or bonnet. This should be worn every night in fact you will soon develop a second sense and will be able to retie it in your sleep when you feel it slipping off.

5. Trims

We all have experience of a hairdresser who was a little to eager and scissor happy but a trim is essential. No hair doesn’t grow from the tips, but if you want to see improved length retention then trims are the way forward. You will remove split and damaged ends before then can travel up the hair shaft and cause a bigger problem. If you decide to cut your hair at home, always use hairdressing scissors as other types won’t be sharp enough.

If you have a solid foundation you will start to see results and begin to love your hair even more. Taking pictures of your progress will help to remind you just how far you have come and show your progress as you may not notice it on a day to day basis.

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